GOTW – Kevin Pereira

14 Jun

Kevin Pereira
Age: 28
Hometown: Antioch, CA
Known For: Attack of the Show! – Host

California native Kevin Pereira is well known for his incredible hosting abilities on Attack of the Show!, daily on G4 TV. The title of geek is one he wears proudly and isn’t shy when it comes to showing how much he loves video games, gadgets, movies, and technology.
     Kevin seems to constantly be having fun (whether or not any substances are assisting). He is one hell of a funny guy and has no shame when going for a laugh and certainly not afraid to cosplay.

Kevin_Pereira_Wonder_Woman1-219x300(the above both excites and frightens me.)

     A true geek, Kevin is also an avid reader, enjoying mostly science fiction and just plain science. The man is blessed with brains, good looks, and a kick ass job. It’s no secret Kevin is a huge gamer, giving fair justice to all consoles and formats. He basically hit the jackpot by landing a dream gig where he gets to talk about the things he loves everyday and travel all over to gaming, tech, and comic conventions. And by far his most envious feature is the screen time he gets to share with his often ever changing co-hosts…

attack-of-the-show-ign com kevin and hot chick 2 kevin and hot chick Playboy-Playmate-Sara-Underwood-Takes-Center-Stage-On-AOTS-Behind-The-Scenes-Photos
(2 girls from playboy srsly?!)
(he is one lucky, lucky bastard)

    His newest, permanent host is a welcome addition, I for one will enjoy watching AOTS even more now that we can have some consistency again after loosing Olivia Munn (still wondering if Kevin and her ever had anything going on?)……. Candace Bailey everyone!….

candace-bailey-aots1(welcome to the geekdom Candace!)

    Playing video games, watching movies, going to comic con, and hanging around beautiful women all day is a tough job but Kevin does it well. But if he ever needs a day off I think I can manage to give him a hand.


On a side note: states Kevin has been dead since 2007….someone should look into this….we may have a zombie on our hands. Just sayin’


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