GOTW – Kristen Bell

5 Feb

Kristen Bell

Age: 30
Hometown: Huntington Woods, Michigan
Known For: Zoe in Fanboys
Elle Bishop in Heroes
Veronica Mars in Veronica Mars
Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Kristen seems like such an innocent sweetheart of a girl. She seems as though she would have been on student council in a private high school  (low and behold she did attend a catholic school through high school). She never has horrible stories in the tabloids about her or seen on TMZ getting trashed and crashing her car. She a down-to-earth girl that’d you’d be proud to bring home to mom.

    This view of Kristen really only exemplifies her geekness. From acting on Broadway to TV to the big screen in addition to her charity work, she has given us plenty of reasons to grow to love her.

    Some began to see her rise to stardom from her role as the lead on Veronica Mars. Where is played a very convincing high school student (despite having already graduated high school a few years earlier) who moonlights as a private investigator.

veronica-mars-tv ign(Thankfully over 18 the whole time)

A character that to me is strikingly similar to Chloe Sulivan from Smallville, a role she actually had auditioned for but lost to Allison Mack.

chloe vs veronica(I can see how it was tough to get the look right)

But besides Veronica Mars, Kristen is an icon in the geek world for her role in Heroes as Elle, a character I was crushed to see get killed off……and the show spiral out of control. Of course everyone loves her as the hilariously mean ex-girlfriend in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. One of my personal favorites which Kristen Bell really shines as a geek girl is in Fanboys. Who wouldn’t flip for her as Princess Leia?

FanBoys(srsly any girl who wants to win the hearts of fan boys must do this!)

While you’ll find her mostly appearing in comedies, she still admits to openly loving geeks and fanboys and truly appreciates the culture. Many people may not know it, unless your an Assassin’s Creed fan but she the voice for one of the characters in all the games.

assassins creed media teambox(guess which one)

Being an open geek and fan, a true charitable person, and really smart makes Kristen worthy of our titled. Although she already earned the rite when she appeared in Geek Magazine….

geek cover

Don’t try and deny it, you love her as much as I do. But if you still need convincing here some more reasons:


(yes the leia costume again, in case you forgot how awesome it is)

And then there’s this gem…

kristen maxim online(just let that sink in….you’re welcome)


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