The Show’s been cancelled: Guitar Hero is No More

18 Mar

The Show’s Been Cancelled: Guitar Hero Is No More
by SimplyKyle 03/18/11

CANCELLEDIn early February of 2011, Activision announced that it would discontinue the Guitar Hero brand games, that includes Rock Band too. Whether or not you had heard about this, you’ve had a month to cope. So it’s only right we discuss why this is best and was foreseeable from the first game. Despite the fact that the public runs through trends quick than Charlie Sheen through hookers. (Yeah I said it, It was about time the damn show ended.)

It comes as no surprise that Guitar Hero would go the way of ColecoVision. Honestly the only thing that I feel kept it going for as long as it did was the abundance of pics you could find of the game’s avid fans……

guitar 1guitar 4
guitar 2 guitar 3
guitar 5

(how will attractive girls, with the desire to be accepted, pretend to be interested in video games now?)

Dwindling sales was attributed to the final decision as Warriors of Rock version on sold 1.3 million copies worldwide. Which downright sucks considering the 3rd game sold over 15 million. (We don’t even have to mention the less than 1 million sold by Green Day Rock band) The real reasons I believe Guitar Hero has seen its last is because everyone of the games are the same damn thing. It was getting to the point that, if bought any after the first one, you were just paying to hear the same songs over and over. Most of which have been long played out by the radio stations in the first place.

Another reason is that the people who bought the first one and didn’t like it or couldn’t figure out how to get good at it, sure as hell wouldn’t buy the next one or the 16 that followed, not including the seven versions released for mobile devices only. As more of the same gameplay continued to come out in each version people started getting bored with it faster. It wasn’t like you had some new and exciting storyline or cast of characters, so why bother buying one based on Aerosmith or Van Halen? If you really wanted to listen to the original songs you might as well buy a CD since they’re less than $10 at FYE now or do what the rest of the world does and download it illegally. You’ll save yourself having to hear the mess ups that interrupt the song because you can’t really play guitar in the first place.

Which brings me to my next point. I am glad that the Guitar Hero fad has been nixed because it had created a group of people who thought they were actual musicians because they could beat Free Bird on expert. It saddens me to see people who have a false sense of accomplishment because they believe they have a talent in a virtual, unrealistic setting.

metrostation(That means you miley cyrus’ brother, just give it up)

If even half of the kids who devoted all their time to the game put even just half of that effort into picking up an actual instrument maybe we wouldn’t have the less talented one hit wonders we now have in their places. Who knows?

You can really only ride the fame for so long. It’s even shorter when you don’t change anything except adding sell out artists (who nobody wanted to hear from since the early nineties anyway) on the cover your game.

It was a neat little game, and probably one of the most successful and recognizable add-on alternative controllers for a console.

NES-LightGun(except for this, or maybe the Sega vibrating vest)

We’ll always remember the countless hours spent with friends forming living room bands and playing to a venue of usually 5. I’m glad to see Activision make a wise decision to “break up the band” because no one wants to see something in music become unwanted and last longer than they probably should, never changing….

black eyed peas(Did anyone even read this article after the pictures of the half naked girls?)

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