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Diamond Quantum Storage

17 Apr

Diamond Quantum Storage
by SimplyKyle 4/17/11

Scientists have said they are going to develop a way to store information in crystals. Didn’t here well check out this article….and this one.
That’s right. Essentially they hope to use crystals just like flash drives. Only they’ll be used to store massive amounts of information. Now one of the first things I thought of when I read this was every Superman medium. For that one guy who doesn’t know what I am talking about, Kryptonians used crystals to store information and as far as I’ve been informed they are supposed to be way more advanced than us. Smallville is notorious for over-using the fact that everything Superman needs to know has been already stored by Jor-El in crystals.

smallville_01(Oh and that anyone can figure out how to use the crystals.)

It seems they can store anything in this form, as the current research suggests we will be able to store unbelievable amount in this Diamond Quantum memory storage technique by utilizing photons of light. (Yes that is as complicated as it sounds).

It’s somewhat unsurprising though. They once said we would never need a Terabyte of storage space, then we got them. The response was; “oh we’ll only need one and never fill it up.” Now we have multiple terabyte drives and thanks to the internet we easily are filling those. The Quantum crystal storage will enable us to store immense amounts of information including historical information for far future generations as they will most likely last far longer than any form of data storage we currently use. Most likely though the majority of people will use it to store excessive amounts of illegally downloaded music and movies, oh and tons of pornography.

(because the year 3250 needs access to classic films)

And if comic books have taught me anything, which they have, Sentient voice recordings and holograms will be no problem as well as the blueprints to develop an entire fortress for solitary use of course. Since we’ll be able to see what humanity will need 1,000 years from now. (perhaps we should store some oil and an ozone layer in one of the crystals)
It’ll be quite the feat to develop not only the ability to store info in the crystals but to create a device that will read and write the information…as if external hard drives were disposable now. If we go the route of Superman we’ll just need crystals to read the crystals. Still not sure how that works, unless of course they’re “magic crystals”, but that’s DC for you, just say it’s alien and doesn’t have to follow our normal laws of everything.
Now I’m sure they will be developed to be more practical and appealing than the comic version which always seems to be a hunk of rock or awkward chuck of crystal and impossibly indistinguishable from every other friggin uncut crystal.

(shit, where does this one go?)

Even though Diamond Quantum Memory Storage sounds like some mumbo-jumbo made up for a sci-fi book, I for one think it will be a fantastic breakthrough and lead to incredible things. It just baffles me to think what would be next after that. And if they finally perfect it maybe they’ll be able to use the technology to pull information from the ancient crystal skulls and clear up all that mysterious nonsense.

(Tell us your secrets oh neatly carved shiny rocks)

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A Bleak Future

6 Apr

A Bleak Future
by Andy Potter 4/06/11


The future is going to suck.  Hold on hear me out.  I’m not saying our future is going to suck (although none of us really know and it could head that way fast, but I digress)  I’m saying that the future of comics is going to suck; not the business side mind you, but the actual future in comic books is going to suck.  While on vacation a few weeks back, I was walking through the comic book store with my good friend Kyle for the first time in a long time.  I saw an X-men graphic novel that caught my eye, upon reading the back I discovered that it was another bleak future for the x-men.

Now I love a good apocalypse story, but if you really look at it, the futures of the comics are going to suck.  Let’s just look at the X-men.  Days of Futures Past, Age of Apocalypse, Old man Logan, Age of X, and pretty much any future that Cable has come from or apparently goes to.  So lets just say it, it sucks to be an x-man.  The X-men never seem to win, as far as I can find. Xavier’s dream of a world where mutants and humans live together in harmony just doesn’t seem to work out. He’s always dead, and giant robots are always hunting people down (and Wolverine always seems to be the last man standing, which has got to suck)

old(the only guy who could kick my ass in a nursing home)

Now I know that some of them are alternate realities, but if the alternates are bleak, the future ain’t gonna be much better.  So why do they keep fighting?  To change the future? Which sounds all well and good in theory, but then where’s the good future?  Where’s the future where Wolverine is a well adjusted family man?  Where’s the future where Xavier and Magneto going golfing on the weekends?  No matter what they change, who they help, no matter how many times they beat Magneto; things just don’t seem to work out.

The one good future the x-men had was when Scarlet Witch changed everything.  Everyone got what they wanted and mutants were top of the food change and whose idea of happiness was this?


That’s right, the bad guy had the good future for mutants.  Now, you could say that the world still wasn’t great for humans, and that’s my point.  Everyone was given what they wanted, and mutants and humans still didn’t live in harmony.  Even when the entire world is rewritten, Xavier’s dream still doesn’t come true.  I read somewhere that a hero is someone who, when all seems lost, keeps fighting.  So maybe that’s the point of the X-men.  Peace just doesn’t seem to be the future for them.  Who knows though, the future is always changing.

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