Here at Geek The World we love our comics. Whether it be Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, or any other indie publisher we can’t get enough or the best modern form of literature. That being said we try and take the time to explain why comics have had such an influence on society and which ones really stand out.
jla_logoHow To Make A Decent Justice League of America Movie 02/18/13
With the success of Marvel’s Avengers movie universe it is only fitting the DC jump on the cinema bandwagon and get their ultimate team on the big screen. Simplykyle gives his somewhat long-winded opinion on how they should do it. Read more.


A Bleak Future
Contributor Andy Potter explains why the future of the X-men in the comics looks dim.
Robert Kirkman is F@*#!ng Awesome 11/09/10
Contributor Andy Potter discusses the various titles that Kirkman has written and produced and tells exactly why Robert Kirkman is F@*#!ng Awesome.

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