Geek of the Week Submissions*
Yourself or a friend:
Email us a bio of you or your friend explaining why you/he/she should be considered Geek Of The Week. Include at least three photos, one standard of yourself or friend, and two showing how geek they can be. Also provide age and location of Geek.
We require contact information (ie. email or phone) for yourself or friend before we can consider submissions for Geek Of The Week.
Celebrity Suggestions:
Email us your reason we should (geek) out a celeb with at least on link to a page or article proving such. We’ll do the research and you’ll get (most of) the credit.
*Read Disclaimer at bottom of page for submission policy/guidelines
Current topics in need of people:
RPG Gaming, Computers (Mac/PC/Linux), Tech Gadgets, Anime, Cards Games (ie. Magic), Indie Comics, Sciences
GeekTheWorldOnline is always looking for volunteers to help add to the site. Let us know if you’re interested in showing off your geek side.
    – Include what topic you feel you would be most interested/skilled in     writing about.
    – Add  link(s) to current blogs or other writing online.
    – Convince us why we should pick you
Video Bloggers
    – Include what area of geek you would like to review
    – Add link(s) to current videos and/or reviews
    – Convince us why we should pick you
*Other positions and opportunities will be posted as they are needed.
            This site is for information, discussion, and entertainment. GeekTheWorldOnline does not necessarily hold any affiliation or endorsements with companies, products, or people mentioned, reviewed, or discussed on this site.
            Any person, entity, or product reviewed on GeekTheWorldOnline is mentioned/written so for entertainment purposes and are in no way meant to slander or demean any such mentioned. Any associated posting or opinions belong to the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of GeekTheWorldOnline or its owners as a whole. (Don’t take things too seriously, we’re doing this for fun and entertainment.)
           GeekTheWorldOnline should not be held responsible for any content appearing on featured, affiliated, or linked sites. (We are not in charge of them)
           If there are any issues with media, links, or content appearing anywhere on this site please contact Kyle at (GeeKTheWorldOnline does not wish to infringe upon anyones rights, if there is an issue let us know so we can resolve it.)
           Submitting materials to GeekTheWorldOnline you agree to not expect or demand any monetary retribution if your material or likeness is used.
           By submitting materials to GeekTheWorld, the sender declares that they hold the copyright, are the owner of, and/or are legally able to use and distribute materials submitted.
           We can not guarantee all submissions sent to us will be used. We are not obligated to accept or even read all submissions, suggestions, or inquiries sent to us. (Do not send us junk, you will be reported and blocked.)
    Submitter will be contacted before use of any private or personal information sent to GeekTheWorldOnline. If requested, name(s) will not be used in any manner in association with the submitted material. If any of the material sent to GeekTheWorldOnline is accepted for use, the submitter(s) have/has given us the right to use it on and, within reason, any future subsidiary sites. We will not use submitted material in any derogatory or discriminating manner.  All local and regional laws will be followed.
            Visitors to this site are to assume any original ideas displayed are owned by GeekTheWorldOnline and/or its writers, designers, or owners. Said material may only be used with appropriate permissions from entitled party.
     If any further questions or concerns contact Kyle at

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