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A Bleak Future

6 Apr

A Bleak Future
by Andy Potter 4/06/11


The future is going to suck.  Hold on hear me out.  I’m not saying our future is going to suck (although none of us really know and it could head that way fast, but I digress)  I’m saying that the future of comics is going to suck; not the business side mind you, but the actual future in comic books is going to suck.  While on vacation a few weeks back, I was walking through the comic book store with my good friend Kyle for the first time in a long time.  I saw an X-men graphic novel that caught my eye, upon reading the back I discovered that it was another bleak future for the x-men.

Now I love a good apocalypse story, but if you really look at it, the futures of the comics are going to suck.  Let’s just look at the X-men.  Days of Futures Past, Age of Apocalypse, Old man Logan, Age of X, and pretty much any future that Cable has come from or apparently goes to.  So lets just say it, it sucks to be an x-man.  The X-men never seem to win, as far as I can find. Xavier’s dream of a world where mutants and humans live together in harmony just doesn’t seem to work out. He’s always dead, and giant robots are always hunting people down (and Wolverine always seems to be the last man standing, which has got to suck)

old(the only guy who could kick my ass in a nursing home)

Now I know that some of them are alternate realities, but if the alternates are bleak, the future ain’t gonna be much better.  So why do they keep fighting?  To change the future? Which sounds all well and good in theory, but then where’s the good future?  Where’s the future where Wolverine is a well adjusted family man?  Where’s the future where Xavier and Magneto going golfing on the weekends?  No matter what they change, who they help, no matter how many times they beat Magneto; things just don’t seem to work out.

The one good future the x-men had was when Scarlet Witch changed everything.  Everyone got what they wanted and mutants were top of the food change and whose idea of happiness was this?


That’s right, the bad guy had the good future for mutants.  Now, you could say that the world still wasn’t great for humans, and that’s my point.  Everyone was given what they wanted, and mutants and humans still didn’t live in harmony.  Even when the entire world is rewritten, Xavier’s dream still doesn’t come true.  I read somewhere that a hero is someone who, when all seems lost, keeps fighting.  So maybe that’s the point of the X-men.  Peace just doesn’t seem to be the future for them.  Who knows though, the future is always changing.

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Robert Kirkman is F@*#!ng Awesome

9 Nov

Robert Kirkman is F@*#!ng Awesome
by Andy Potter

kirkmanRobert Kirkman is fucking awesome.  There I said it.  The man has gotten me back into comics after a long hiatus and for that I thank him. But I digress. Kirkman first came to my attention many years back while working at Gamestop. On one particularly boring day, my friend and I were discussing zombies; what they feel, what goes through their minds, do they have a favorite flavor of human? It was during this discussion that he mentioned a little comic call The Walking Dead.  I had not heard of it, and so on that fateful day he brought me the first volume.

walking deadI was hooked! The writing was fantastic, the art was gritty, the gore; well lets just say I could practically taste the brain matter, you know, in a good way. I went through six volumes of The Walking Dead in about a week. My friend told me that the writer of the series also did superhero books, and that if I liked his zombie stuff I would like his superhero stuff even more, I told him I’d give it a read.  I didn’t. (well not right away)

My love of comics has had many ups and downs over my twenty-four years of life.  At that particular time I was at a low.  Years later my life was going through a rough patch. Thanks to the unending geekiness of my good friend Kyle, and my own need to return to something I had lost over the years, my love of comics returned.

Every sunday for almost a year Kyle and I would eat, drink, and go to our favorite comics shop (good times were had by all)  It was here that I rediscovered Kirkman and discovered Invincible. I purchased Invincible on a whim, with a gift card from my parents, under the thought process that if it sucked, at least I wouldn’t be wasting any of my actual money.

It didn’t suck.

I read volume one in a single afternoon, and quickly reread it.  The next six months were devoted to Invincible.  There were eleven volumes and I would have them all.  Sure, I grabbed other stuff too, but nothing held my attention like Invincible.  It was a superhero book without falling into the same crap most long running superhero books fell into.  It had drama without taking itself to seriously.

It had characters that were just familiar enough to understand, but just different enough to be interesting. Ask Kyle, it was all I talked about; I threw money at my comic shop owner (thats right threw it, he didn’t want my money in any way.  I think he cried at one point)

It didn’t end there; after Invincible came Astounding Wolf-man, then Brit, Capes Inc, Tech-Jacket. I grabbed Marvel Zombies, and caught up on my Walking Dead.

The man could do no wrong in my eyes.

Ok, Kirkman isn’t infallible, but he’s pretty damn close.

So, why do I think Kirkman is fucking awesome? Could it be that he surrounds himself with some talented artists? Nah. Simple;  he takes a well known idea and twist it just enough to make it fresh and interesting.

My father is a huge Superman fan and has been for as long as I’ve known him. I was explaining Invincible to him the other and day and summed it up thusly:

“Ok, Superman comes to earth, gets married and has a son”
“Ok, sound cool”
“Now the son develops superpowers, and starts to fight crime”
“Of course”
“But turns out Superman actually came to earth to prepare it for invasion and enslavement, consequently son decides to fight against him and defend the planet”
“Oh…thats a good idea”  My dad hasn’t read a comic in years, but I think I could get him to read Invincible.

Hell, almost the same thing happened when I was explaining The Walking Dead to my best friend, Dennis:

“You like Dawn of the Dead?”
“Ok, now imagine it didn’t end.”
Now Dennis (who had never read a comic in his life) owns seven of The Walking Dead volumes.
Come on, who doesn’t read about zombie Hulk biting the Silver Surfer’s head off and thinks its awesome.  Superheroes who punch a time clock, indestructible cranky old men who defend the planet, or a well known universe of heroes suddenly eating everyone in sight. I could mention the genius of a superhero who realizes he has superpowers when he tosses bags of garbage into orbit, and then, a full six issues later, the bags lands in France.  Now that’s planning ahead.  How can you not think thats awesome, seriously?

Robert Kirkman is fucking awesome.  There, I said it again.  As long as the man keeps writing, I’m gonna keep reading.  (Also note, I will never use the word awesome so much again.  Kyle, I’m sorry)

Find more about Robert Kirkman by visiting his site http://www.kirkmania.com

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