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GOTW – Natalie Portman

26 May

Natalie (Hershlag) Portman
Age: 30
Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel
Known For: Padme Amidala in Star Wars Prequels
Evey Hammond in V for Vendetta
Samantha in Garden State
Nina Sayers in Black Swan
Jane Foster in Thor

The ever adorable sweetheart Natalie Portman has had a fantastic film career so far and has done much more to deserve a spot in our Geek Of The Week archives.

Believe it or not until I started writing this article (an most of you who read it) did not know that Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem by the name Natalie Hershlag, that has such a ring to it. A brainy chick that she is, she holds bachelor’s degree in Psychology from friggin Harvard University. In fact she cares so much about education that when she was in high school, she skipped the premiere of Star Wars Episode I so she could study for her final exams (talk about dedication). She’s even taken graduate classes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and guest lectured at Columbia University. She’s co-authored papers published in several scientific journals.

natalie-portman(She knows more about frontal lobe activation during object permanence than you.)

She really fell into the hearts of geeks everywhere when she was cast as Queen Amidala in the Star Wars prequels. An onscreen team up of her and Kiera Knightley in Episode 1 caused nergasms worldwide.


keira and natalie(I believe they’re part of a cloning project to make the perfect actress)

Natalie earned our love during all three Star Wars prequel upstaged only by the incredible character skills of Jar-Jar Binks. She maintains an excellent balance between both dramas and sci-fi flicks, playing incredible roles in movies such as the tempting Alice in Closer, the lovable Sam in Garden State, Evey in V for Vendetta, and most recently Jane Foster in Thor, in which she passed our expectation as a worthy portrayal of Thor’s love interest. And who could forget her role in Black Swan where she made most movie goers ‘quite excited’ during her totally awesome scene alongside Mila Kunis.

(I LikeButton this)

She continues to be involved in the production of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, she has leant her voice to The Simpsons (a true attribute to success), and has shown her comedic side on SNL, Funnyordie.com, and a few films.

Aside from acting, Natalie is great humanitarian. Proving so with her involvement as an advocate for animal rights, acting against poverty by traveling to third world countries to help, as well as being an active voice in politics. Making her an all around fantastic and wonderful human being.

With an abundance of award winning roles, an ivy league degree,  better hobbies than anyone I know, and more talent than us, Natalie is one of our favorite geek girls and worthy of being our Geek of The Week. We thank Natalie for all she does and all she continues to do and to please tell George Lucas we don’t need any more movies to kill the franchise.

As always here are some closing images for your viewing pleasure and since we love Natalie so much we will be as tasteful as possible.

(beautiful and smart, a deadly combination)


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GOTW – Summer Glau

14 Mar

Summer Lyn Glau
Age: 30
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Noteworthy Roles: River Tam in Firefly
Cameron Phillips in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Tess Doerner in The 4400

Summer has been (willingly or not) typecast as a kickass sci-fi chick. Her role as River Tam in the totally awesome TV show Firefly (that was most unfortunately cancelled by some idiots) and the sequel/pseudo-conclusion movie; Serenity, should only be mentioned and any true geek will, for lack of a better term, totally geek out. I don’t know if it’s because she reminds me of the hot, crazy, alternative girl from high-school or what but she’s definitely got my heart.

Firefly - Serenity - RiverThe fact that she takes on such a plethora of sci-fi roles earns her a place in our Geek Of The Week vault. She is able to convince us she is a telekinetic prodigy, a paranoid schizophrenic, and even a motherflippin’ cyborg.

Her years of training as a ballet dancer are not only super hot but helped her to be able to easily learn how to play a character that can truly whip some ass.

josswhedan_narrowweb__200x298She may only just be starting her career, beginning only eight years ago, but we can be sure we’ll see more of her playing some memorable sci-fi hotties, based on her track record. I’m still a little disappointed she isn’t going to be in Suckerpunch; or am I the only one who feels as though she would have fit in there perfectly?

Summer definitely deserves this weeks title, I’d tell her myself how much she is praised in the geek world but I’m sure she already has a good idea. Besides if I got the chance it’d be more awkward than when Leonard, Raj, and Wolowitz met her on the train on Big Bang Theory.

As with all geek girls, we have to show evidence that they can give reason as to why we swoon over them and can look good despite what character they are playing:

summer-glau-sexy-girl    InternetExplorerWallpaper
Hott                                                  Also Hott

Some may say she can only play one type of role but I know two things: Summer Glau is a definite geek and you never mess with a girl with a gun ….

summer_glau_terminator(Totally bad ass!)

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