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Buying More Space: The Future of Commercial Space Tourism

31 Jan

Buying More Space: The Future of Commercial Space Tourism
article by SimplyKyle 1/31/13

Anyone who was ever captivated by the sci-fi future stories of people travelling to and from space like you go to the grocery store can get excited for the possibility of commercial space travel in foreseeable future.

While there are risks to be weighed and several obstacles to overcome, the simple fact that it is being considered as a definite probability is friggin awesome.

Space tourism has been around in a pseudo-sense for a little over 10 years. For a couple million dollars its easy to find some country with a space program that’s desperate for money that will allow a minimally trained civilian go into the upper atmosphere or if you’re Russia, send people to say what’s up to the crew on the International Space Station (ISS).

In recent years, companies like Space Adventures, Space X, and Virgin Galactic have had their ups and downs with developing a reasonable means to allow the average person (with hundreds of thousands of dollars, more likely millions) to take a nice jaunt into space aboard custom designed space shuttle aircraft that will likely increase the number of alleged UFO sightings all over the globe.


Virgin Galactic, a company owned by Richard Branson, actually plans to be one of the most “affordable” luxury suborbital space tourism companies at around $200,000 for a two hour flight with a total of six minutes of weightlessness. This new market for companies to make money (because we all know Richard Branson is in need of more money) was only a pipe dream just twenty years ago.

Developments in Space Tourism are expected to take drastic leaps forward in the coming year, with some companies performing test flights and even anticipating opening to public within five years.

The magnitude of such a leap in our ability to travel could eventually open us up to colonizing the moon, or Mars, or any other habitable planet….and then continuing to mess it up just like Earth.

space junk from bbc
“Yay! scientific advancement!”

So perhaps Arthur C. Clark’s vision in 2001: A Space Odyssey, brought to life on the screen by Stanley Kubrick was not so far-fetched and after all. We could easily be traveling to work on orbiting financial buildings at jobs we hate or dangerously mining the over-priced rocks of the Moon in no time.

“ok, well, still maybe a little crazy”

I am super excited about the possibility and hope one day be able to make the endeavor into the wonders of space (most likely by having to take out a loan bigger than that of any mortgage, college tuition, car payment, and life insurance accumulative of my entire family). Perhaps one day in my life time, when I am an old, bitter man, it will be more affordable. I know it will definitely still be exhilarating, that is until future generations become so used to the luxury that it becomes as boring to them as riding the train to work (damn future young people).

One thing is for sure, it is definitely something we will inevitably have to accomplish to further advance as a species. The quick we can send people off the planet the better.


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