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Diamond Quantum Storage

17 Apr

Diamond Quantum Storage
by SimplyKyle 4/17/11

Scientists have said they are going to develop a way to store information in crystals. Didn’t here well check out this article….and this one.
That’s right. Essentially they hope to use crystals just like flash drives. Only they’ll be used to store massive amounts of information. Now one of the first things I thought of when I read this was every Superman medium. For that one guy who doesn’t know what I am talking about, Kryptonians used crystals to store information and as far as I’ve been informed they are supposed to be way more advanced than us. Smallville is notorious for over-using the fact that everything Superman needs to know has been already stored by Jor-El in crystals.

smallville_01(Oh and that anyone can figure out how to use the crystals.)

It seems they can store anything in this form, as the current research suggests we will be able to store unbelievable amount in this Diamond Quantum memory storage technique by utilizing photons of light. (Yes that is as complicated as it sounds).

It’s somewhat unsurprising though. They once said we would never need a Terabyte of storage space, then we got them. The response was; “oh we’ll only need one and never fill it up.” Now we have multiple terabyte drives and thanks to the internet we easily are filling those. The Quantum crystal storage will enable us to store immense amounts of information including historical information for far future generations as they will most likely last far longer than any form of data storage we currently use. Most likely though the majority of people will use it to store excessive amounts of illegally downloaded music and movies, oh and tons of pornography.

(because the year 3250 needs access to classic films)

And if comic books have taught me anything, which they have, Sentient voice recordings and holograms will be no problem as well as the blueprints to develop an entire fortress for solitary use of course. Since we’ll be able to see what humanity will need 1,000 years from now. (perhaps we should store some oil and an ozone layer in one of the crystals)
It’ll be quite the feat to develop not only the ability to store info in the crystals but to create a device that will read and write the information…as if external hard drives were disposable now. If we go the route of Superman we’ll just need crystals to read the crystals. Still not sure how that works, unless of course they’re “magic crystals”, but that’s DC for you, just say it’s alien and doesn’t have to follow our normal laws of everything.
Now I’m sure they will be developed to be more practical and appealing than the comic version which always seems to be a hunk of rock or awkward chuck of crystal and impossibly indistinguishable from every other friggin uncut crystal.

(shit, where does this one go?)

Even though Diamond Quantum Memory Storage sounds like some mumbo-jumbo made up for a sci-fi book, I for one think it will be a fantastic breakthrough and lead to incredible things. It just baffles me to think what would be next after that. And if they finally perfect it maybe they’ll be able to use the technology to pull information from the ancient crystal skulls and clear up all that mysterious nonsense.

(Tell us your secrets oh neatly carved shiny rocks)

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The Show’s been cancelled: Guitar Hero is No More

18 Mar

The Show’s Been Cancelled: Guitar Hero Is No More
by SimplyKyle 03/18/11

CANCELLEDIn early February of 2011, Activision announced that it would discontinue the Guitar Hero brand games, that includes Rock Band too. Whether or not you had heard about this, you’ve had a month to cope. So it’s only right we discuss why this is best and was foreseeable from the first game. Despite the fact that the public runs through trends quick than Charlie Sheen through hookers. (Yeah I said it, It was about time the damn show ended.)

It comes as no surprise that Guitar Hero would go the way of ColecoVision. Honestly the only thing that I feel kept it going for as long as it did was the abundance of pics you could find of the game’s avid fans……

guitar 1guitar 4
guitar 2 guitar 3
guitar 5

(how will attractive girls, with the desire to be accepted, pretend to be interested in video games now?)

Dwindling sales was attributed to the final decision as Warriors of Rock version on sold 1.3 million copies worldwide. Which downright sucks considering the 3rd game sold over 15 million. (We don’t even have to mention the less than 1 million sold by Green Day Rock band) The real reasons I believe Guitar Hero has seen its last is because everyone of the games are the same damn thing. It was getting to the point that, if bought any after the first one, you were just paying to hear the same songs over and over. Most of which have been long played out by the radio stations in the first place.

Another reason is that the people who bought the first one and didn’t like it or couldn’t figure out how to get good at it, sure as hell wouldn’t buy the next one or the 16 that followed, not including the seven versions released for mobile devices only. As more of the same gameplay continued to come out in each version people started getting bored with it faster. It wasn’t like you had some new and exciting storyline or cast of characters, so why bother buying one based on Aerosmith or Van Halen? If you really wanted to listen to the original songs you might as well buy a CD since they’re less than $10 at FYE now or do what the rest of the world does and download it illegally. You’ll save yourself having to hear the mess ups that interrupt the song because you can’t really play guitar in the first place.

Which brings me to my next point. I am glad that the Guitar Hero fad has been nixed because it had created a group of people who thought they were actual musicians because they could beat Free Bird on expert. It saddens me to see people who have a false sense of accomplishment because they believe they have a talent in a virtual, unrealistic setting.

metrostation(That means you miley cyrus’ brother, just give it up)

If even half of the kids who devoted all their time to the game put even just half of that effort into picking up an actual instrument maybe we wouldn’t have the less talented one hit wonders we now have in their places. Who knows?

You can really only ride the fame for so long. It’s even shorter when you don’t change anything except adding sell out artists (who nobody wanted to hear from since the early nineties anyway) on the cover your game.

It was a neat little game, and probably one of the most successful and recognizable add-on alternative controllers for a console.

NES-LightGun(except for this, or maybe the Sega vibrating vest)

We’ll always remember the countless hours spent with friends forming living room bands and playing to a venue of usually 5. I’m glad to see Activision make a wise decision to “break up the band” because no one wants to see something in music become unwanted and last longer than they probably should, never changing….

black eyed peas(Did anyone even read this article after the pictures of the half naked girls?)

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Is Avatar sequel worthy?

11 Nov

Is Avatar sequel worthy? and Why it is not an original idea.
by SimplyKyle 11/11/10

It’s official James Cameron has announced he is going to shoot a sequel to Avatar and even plans to do a third movie. Haven’t heard this yet? Check out this article. With such an announcement I feel it is only fitting I finally give my opinion of Avatar. (Yes I am aware the movie has been out for a while.) To clarify I am talking about the 2009 US movie, not the 2004 Chinese flick or the 1916 silent film (oh wait there was more than one movie with the same name?) not that you’d really get confused because when you Google Avatar movie there’s only one that pops up, well that and the other blockbuster “hit”…

the-last-air-bender-movie-poster(lol “blockbuster”)

I just felt you should know this is one of several aspects that seemed to have been “borrowed” from other media. When I first watched Avatar, I began to recognize several elements, like I had seen them before. Then it hit me; I’ve seen Disney’s Pocahontos, read Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead, and I’ve got friends who play World of Warcraft. So I began to wonder if James Cameron just spent one weekend playing WoW, reading the Ender book series, and his grandkids happen to have the Disney channel on in the background when he suddenly realized; “oh snap. It’s been five years already, I better put together a new movie.”
It’s said that’s not the case. Cameron claims that this movie had been in the works for years. The special effects and 3-D technology I can believe, this would not have been possible to pull off years ago, but the story-line and plot is hard to believe to have been worked on for so many years (although that is what they said about Star Wars episode 1-3). The movie itself is absolutely visually stunning and utilizes new 3-D technology and motion capture techniques co-designed by James Cameron himself. Being into the technical aspect of filmmaking myself, that is pretty sweet.
We all know James Cameron has brought us great films like Terminator , Aliens, Terminator 2, True Lies, and  Titanic (like it or not it was quite the epic movie feat). Of course who could forget his most memorable and world renowned….

piranha-ii -the-spawning-poster

 Avatar being his latest in his usual every-five-years-or-so-come-out-of-the-woodwork-and-make-an-epic-blockbuster (very much like he goes through wives).  As I mentioned Cameron used new technology to film Avatar and has revolutionized the movie industry. Of course they also said that about The Matrix and we all know how those sequels were. So does Avatar warrant two more movies or is it just a means to squeeze movie goers out of more money? That is another article in unto itself. My discussion here is based on the fact that, set aside from the visual special effects (2 ½ hours of awesome scenery), the movie has a dull, unimaginative story-line and borrows elements from other works whether intentionally or not.

Avatar is far too much like an outer space version of Pocahontas, hell Neytiri even looks like her to an extent, especially when she’s peeking through the trees. I was surprised she didn’t start singing about the wind and the trees when she first told Jake about the connection the Na’vi have to Pandora. A connection eerily similar to the Pequeninos (aka piggies) have to their planet, Lusitania, in Speaker for The Dead.

For those that don’t know this story, Speaker for the Dead is a sequel to Orson Scott Card’s book Ender’s Game (if you don’t know that one, you best read it!). The story is about humans who arrive on this planet that is inhabited by animal-like humanoid creatures (the piggies) as well as other feral creatures the humans don’t understand. They discover the Piggies are in sync with the trees and they claim they are their ancestors and can learn from them and talk to them, even transfer their life and memories into a new tree when they die. Sound familiar?

The humans are also located in one settlement on the planet and when they leave to explore they find the piggies and don’t know if they are hostile or not, but most of the humans make them out to be, as they don’t understand their culture or their way of life (that’s like in Pocahontas too). There is no love story between any of the piggies and a human, but pretty much the same idea. Besides that part is told in Pocahontas anyway. Eventually both parties learn to live in harmony, to an extent…I think I know where the sequel will go. (read Xenocide).
You may be saying that could just be a coincidence. Maybe. And the creatures of Pandora are completely original and don’t resemble anything else…

Leonopteryx vs Pterrordaxdire horse vs horseThantaor vs nightsaber(nope I don’t see any similarities whatsoever)

I don’t play World of Warcraft, but I’ve talked to several of my friend who do and they pointed some these similarities out to me. Even I can see the question-ability and so do others, like this guy. Now I’m not saying Avatar is a rip-off at all, it could all just be subconscious connections. I mean they did create a bad ass AMP suit just for the movie for Colonel Quaritch to done.

(oh wait)

Now I did enjoy watching the movie. As I stated I love the technical aspect behind creating a film of this magnitude. But I would not go so far as to say it was the best movie of all time or get fanatic and obsessive over it. I mean people worshiping the movie and claiming it changed their lives is a little excessive. Besides Hindus have been worshiping Avatars for much longer, read more here. Some people even say they “were brought to tears” and “got shivers” when they watched it wanted to be in the world of Pandora. Those sensations were probably the result of the hallucinogenic they took before the movie, amplifying the intensity of the visually stunning scenes, because their friend said it would be a “great idea”. Still no one beats this guy when it comes to Avatar-related “great ideas”…

(this is totally going to be relevant in a few years)

All in All James Cameron did an amazing job at creating new film techniques, as he always does, and invented a new 3D camera for this film that would go on to shoot such epic films as Jackass 3D. I just wish he had stuck with the original idea to make a Spiderman movie (yes he was attached to the project for the first film) that has nothing to do with this but I felt like bringing it to light. We will see how the Avatar sequel panes out (in probably 5 years), I mean Cameron did give us Terminator 2, that far surpassed the first. Maybe Avatar 2 will blow Avatar out of the water, but I doubt it.

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“No Ordinary Family” Review

5 Nov

No Ordinary Family
review by SimplyKyle 11/5/10


No Ordinary Family, a sci-fi drama on ABC conceptualized by Greg Berlanti and Jon Feldman, some of the minds behind the teen hit show Dawson’s Creek, but don’t let that deter you or skew your opinion prematurely (hehe). It also  happens to be produced by, the reputable yet little known, Samantha Thomas who backed LOST from season 3 to the end. (Which despite some people’s opinion is a big friggin deal.) We’ll have to see if this endeavor last longer than her last attempt at a hit show……

flash forward(t’was great btw)

Some say No Ordinary Family is like if The Incredibles got their own television show but the first few episodes make one consider more of a mash-up of Modern Family and Heroes. A connection not too far off as David Semel directed both Heroes and No Ordinary Family’s pilot episodes.

Say what you will about Heroes, it started off awesome and had much potential and it was sad to see the steady decline after Season 1. (Let’s be honest, Season 2 could have never happened and no one would have noticed.)

Heroes season 2 dead characters(seriously…all in one season…come on!)

But I digress. The cast in my opinion is well chosen. Heavyweight Michael Chiklis, who plays the lead Jim Powell in the series, is no stranger to tv with a solid 7 seasons of The Shield under his belt and superpowers with consequent problems is nothing new after his role in Fantastic Four (despite the movies overall lameness, he still played a g-damn great Thing)

Chiklis’ on screen wife, Julie Benz (playing Stephanie Powell) is a familiar sight in Geekdom TV; having starred in Dexter, Roswell, Angel, Buffy and Desperate Housewives (alright that’s not so much geek as it is gawk). Benz and Chiklis make a quite believable couple, as typical family TV drama as it gets.

As for the rest of the family it consists of experienced TV star Kay Panabaker, starring as Daphne Powell, who has done nothing but TV shows and TV movies. Don’t worry we checked, despite portraying a sixteen year old highschooler, she’s 20. So you don’t have to feel weird, we know what you were thinking. (She’s definitely got the whole Ellen Page thing going on.)

The Powell family also includes son JJ, played by Jimmy Bennett, an ordinary teen struggling in school; that is until he happens to gain super intelligence (convenient eh?) You may not know much about Jimmy, but he got his start doing the voice for Roo in recent Winnie the Pooh movies. Regardless, he gets sci-fi and geek cred for his role as a young Kirk in the Star Trek reboot and lending his voice for Kingdom Hearts II (as Roo of course).

Well orchestrated additional comic relief comes from Romany Malco who plays Jim Powell’s friend George in the show. Both Malco and Chiklis have a believable friendship and go well on screen together. What is not so much believable is Malco playing a DA, he doesn’t scream city official in any way to me. Nonetheless he does manage to build an awesome man-cave/lair in his garage (with wi-fi no doubt!).

An odd matching for the show that actually works quite very well is Stephen Collins cast as Stephanie Powell’s boss, Dr. Dayton King. I feel his history with such a family friendly show like 7th Heaven adds to the creepiness of his mysterious bad guy role.

(he seems a little bitter since he left the Camden house)

Dr. King’s lackey in the show, played by Josh Stewart, is still developing and reminds me much of how Sylar was in the beginning of Heroes. He’s got potential to be a bad ass mofo, let’s just hope they don’t make him an emotional cry baby like we’ve (sadly) seen happen before.

No Ordinary Family is definitely the product of the networks feeding on the superhero hype of recent years. It is textbook superhero series with each character developing “powers of convenience” based on what they “needed” in life (ie. mom getting speed to make more time and boy becoming smart to hep in school) or the situation he/she happens to be in at the moment they surfaced. I’m not saying it is doubtful to win an award or two. The feel-good essence felt from watching it, being able to follow it without straining too many characters or overlapping storylines are definite pluses. It is something I would recommend watching just to see how its done and to see an entertaining story, while it may not be told in a new way, it is done well. It has been picked up by ABC to continue, so we’ll see for how long since a good idea for a movie does not always play out when made into seasons for the small screen. No Ordinary Family is an enjoyable sci-fi comedy drama worth programming to record on your DVR.

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