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GOTW – Rosario Dawson

21 Nov

Rosario Dawson

Age: 31
Hometown: New York, NY
Notable Roles: Ruby in Kids
Gail in Sin City
Becky in Clerks 2
Roxana in Alexander

  Rosario is every geeks favorite Puerto Rican Afro-Cuban actress. She has proved that no matter what role she is playing, whether it be the leader of rouge prostitutes in Sin City or the manager at a burger joint in Clerks 2, she can look good and fascinate us with how much she looks like one of our girl friends that you’ll only ever be friends with and there’s nothing you can do about that (except fantasize).   
    In addition to acting Rosario is also a singer. Only seen her movies and didn’t know that? well she was in the movie adaptation of Rent. She also was featured on a track on one of Outkast’s albums. Oh and in 1999 she teamed up with Prince to remix and rereleased his hit 1999, as in Prince aka the artist formerly known as Prince aka that funny symbol for a name guy aka Prince, as in one of the top artists of all time. Yeah that guy. So she managed to do pretty well despite many not knowing she is multi-talented.
    Her geek cred  really comes mostly from movies, starring in indie and blockbuster hits. Men in Black II, Clerks 2, Grindhouse, Sin City, Eagle Eye just to name a few. Oh and there was her full nude scene in Alexander which failed in the US market.

(kinda wish you had went to see it now huh?)

  I  also hear she is an absolute pleasure to work with on set. Which makes her even more worthy, the fact that a pretty girl can be so nice and be a geek. It’s almost unreal.
The occult crimes taskforcenumber one thing Rosario does that makes her an over-the-top extreme geek is the fact that she put out her own comic book. How many girls you know can say they did that? The story is about a group of NY police officers that patrol a part of the city inhabited by practitioners of magic and deal with crimes of occult origin. Occult Crimes Taskforce was a miniseries published by Image comics, you can still find back issues at some shops and online.

Not only did she create the story but she also managed to include a character that looks very familiar.

imnotobsessedcom(hmm can’t quite figure it out)

  Rosario has not only become an accomplished actress and singer she also manages to designate a lot of her time to volunteer in support groups and charities and tons of other organizations. She done pretty well for a girl whose family was homeless when she was young and lived in an abandon building. Kind of makes your accomplishment of cracking the key for the new Adobe suite less triumphant.

    I’ll leave you with more proof that geek girls exist and yes they can be hott…

RosarioDawson2   thecinemasource
(with or without glasses its great…..but glasses really do it for me)


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“Frozen” movie review

10 Nov

Frozen (2010)
review by Illumin-Arte

Directed and Written: Adam Green
Starring: Emma Bell ( as Parker O’Neil )
Shawn Ashmore ( as Joe Lynch)
Kevin Zegers ( as Dan Walker)

The overall premise of Frozen is Open Water on a ski lift. I found the characters in this film very one dimensional, and I really didn’t get the chance to form an attachment to any of them. I did find them portrayed like all Hollywood twenty-somethings; looking down at everyone except those in their little circle of friends, immediately alienating everyone else around them.

The movie starts with the 3 of them  at the ski lodge, and not wanting to pay full price for the lift ticket. So let’s send the blonde to flirt with the lift operator and get the tickets cheaper without waiting in line (they are too good for that and the world is full of shortcuts).

But I digress, you will find in my reviews I like to rant so bear with me I usually keep it short and to the point.

The story-line in Frozen was not bad and quite believable the way the circumstances happened that lead to them being left alone on the ski lift. I won’t go into to any spoilers for the ones who want to watch this for themselves and form their own opinion.

All this being said and done the rest of the movie goes downhill, just like all the skiers and snowboarders. Only not as fast and with much less intensity.    After about a half hour of watching them on the lift, I was cheering for the wolves that were howling all around them.

Let’s see if I can give you a two line synopsis of the hour long dialogue:

They talk about jumping (they are only thirty feet or so in the air) one of them does, with obvious results. Guys pee off lift, girl pees in pants. After 2 days, freezing guy gets idea to use overhead cable to get to one of the supporting towers and climb down the ladder. Why don’t they ever do the obvious when things first happen instead they always wait until they are almost dead or some of them are? (Again I was cheering on the wolves.)

I watched this movie last night and I can’t remember a thing they talked about for the 2 days they were on the lift. Usually there is a good line you can quote or something, there was nothing like that in the whole movie. Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of potential here. (Adam Green having done Hatchet sparked my interest.) Frozen was just not executed correctly. Can we blame the stars for their cardboard portrayal of their characters? or the less than claustrophobic cinematography?, of which again it had potential.

I say nay nay, when in the military it’s always the generals fault. I say blame the man with the stars on his sleeves (Mr Adam Green). Frozen could have been a good movie if it had the flair of an Independent film, if it wasn’t trapped by Hollywood parameters. For instance, here is an example; let the stars die. Don’t feel you have to have someone live, sometimes killing them has the biggest impact. It worked for Open Water, that last scene was intense and left you feeling like; what would I do? And Blair Witch, the same feeling at the last creepy scene knowing they were all going to die. Frozen should have stayed away from the generic Hollywood trappings and stuck to what it could have been… a really good Indie film.

I give this movie 2 Bums up.

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