GOTW – Claudio Sanchez

26 May

mtv pic
Claudio Paul Sanchez

Age: 32
Hometown: Suffern, NY
Known for: Coheed and Cambria (band)
The Prize Fighter Inferno (band)
Armory Wars (comic)
Kill Audio (comic)

Claudio earns his right as Geek of The Week because he was a geek even before he became famous. He has written every Coheed and Cambria album based on the comic book Amory Wars, he created. Hell he even named the band after the two main characters.
amory wars cover     Totally immersing yourself and all your work into a fictional universe you created in your head, and had thedrive to transfer it into several mediums (a comic series, several concept albums, and a novel) is impressive in itself.  The fact that he has tried to bring it to life and has managed to introduce millions of fans into the story is a megageek’s dream. I mean what true geek doesn’t have an original epic story or some kickass fan fic they’ve written?
      I’ll admit I got introduced to Coheed and Cambria after they had been around for a little while. They had just released Good Apollo, their fourth album. A friend let me borrow all the CDs and comics and from then on I was hooked. Having comics to graphically portray the albums was incredible. The whole story and concept was brilliant.action figure
      Aside from The Amory Wars, Claudio is also the creator of Kill Audio. Probably one of his lesser known works. He did get a sweet action figure of himself and as you can tell bares the extreme hairdo pulled off by few
     Claudio has broken into many of the genres of geek. Comics, music, action figures, books, and even video games; along with the rest of Coheed you can hear their song Welcome Home in Rock Band and Madden 2006. Claudio had managed exist in the elements that make the geek world after having been a long time fan. I can only imagine how he must feel about that. The thought baffles my mind. If you’ve never heard of Claudio before or his band Coheed and Cambria, I suggest you get Googling. Claudio is a definitive geek. He’s into everything you and I are and absolutely someone cool I feel I could totally hang out with. After all, who doesn’t want to hang out with someone with such great hair and had far too much going on in their head its scary (remind me of myself). Plus there’s this….


      Now if that doesn’t just scream “I’m totally chill.” I don’t know what does. So let’s face it Claudio; comics, video games, concept albums, awesome hair, mysterious blood smeared over your clothes……you’re a geek.



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